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WORD@TheNetpedia, the free religious deception encyclopedia, is inviting readers, writers, bloggers and contributors to share their talent in completing the encyclopedia. Editors may also participate in this internet puzzle game. Everybody is free to express opinion provided that the input deals with religious deception.

Invitees are encouraged to give words or phrases used by any religion and their present equivalent or modification based on present practices.

As an initial input, the publisher gives examples of words and phrases with mechanics, as follows:

  1. Identify first the word or phrase commonly used in religion and its evolution.
  2. Define the word or phrase in a traditional sense.
  3. Determine the modification or present equivalent, which maybe antonyms based on prevailing practices.
  4. Use the word or phrase in a sentence in accordance with the present practices
  5. Give the psychological impact of the word or phrase.
  6. Lastly, describe the religious deception impact.

Note: Contributors shall be acknowledged in this Encyclopedia. Kindly send your personal circumstances or link to your site as the case maybe for publication purposes. For reference, kindly click the link.

To submit words and phrases and their meaning and religious deception impact, use the form below: